front_page_neuroWelcome to NeuroLab, leading specialists in the technology, analysis, and research of the biomarkers associated with Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal-Thyroid (HPA-T) axis function. HPA-T axis function is pivotal to optimal function of the body’s neuro-hormonal Communication System.

Currently, NeuroLab functional profiles measure urinary neurotransmitters and salivary adrenal hormones, and are designed to help healthcare practitioners with the assessment and restoration of balance in HPA-T axis function as it applies to underlying causes of chronic symptoms, acute conditions, as well as preventive wellness medicine. Due to the all-encompassing effects of HPA-T axis function, NeuroLab’s research opportunities and potential growth is unlimited. Its exploration of these biomarkers and those related to glucose/insulin balance, immune system function, and a plethora of symptoms, NeuroLab’s future is exciting.
NeuroLab will meet future opportunities with the same dedication to accuracy, reproducibility, and reliability that has positioned it as the “foremost reference laboratory for the measurement of biomarkers relative to HPA-T axis function.”

Testing with NeuroLab is available only through licensed healthcare practitioners. Our commitment to practitioners is to provide the accuracy and reliability of neurotransmitter testing necessary to have confidence designing effective therapeutic programs for their chronically ill patients.